canada i miss you

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i have sometime to burn this morning and then i have a busy busy day so i thought i would take sometime to reveal to you my latest obsession... the trench coat!

 this is my favorite one that i've seen so far. sort of a different look. the length is perfect and the shiny fabric is so fun and classy.
 i have a feeling that this color would be much more practical for me that the lighter tan.

 i like this in theory because i live in a city that is always raining, but i dont know if i really like it.
kind of makes the coat look more casual.

this is just more plain jane classic looking. standard.

i dont think you should have to ask but these are all burberry, i dont really think there is another option, although elizabeth and james do have a rather cute one i just saw at nordstoms (dont worry mom i was there so my friend could take something back). 

on another note, i just got the newest hillsong cd (yeah the one that isnt out yet) its great, i would recommend getting it, the best song is number 5. i would post it, but like i said it isnt out yet hahah.
ohhhhh oh oh i almost forgot, i have to post this because my mom told me fur coats are over rated. but i think they are beautiful and definitely want one for a (my birthday just pasted and so did christmas.... ) umm for a, i miss you so freaking much present :)


  1. Wow I have never heard of a miss you so freaking much gift, but nothing surprises me coming from year. As far as the fur coat you may end up looking like a drowned rat living in Seattle. Just saying is all. Love your mom

  2. Ohh, I love trench coats, you should defnitely get one, I wore my new one in one of my recent posts... :)