canada i miss you

Monday, January 17, 2011

i cant decide if your a genius or a lunatic

Its been to long! Currently watching the bachelor... which personally i dont think is the healthiest thing for me at the moment. it leads me to the conclusion that boys are liars.
i should probably heed the advise in this book

Now that's enough about that. On to bigger and better things. Like my new make up :)

this lipstick was purchased... because it reminds me of my sister... whom i love.

 i couldnt decide which to put up. i love the make up... and also the book of poems. 
its over 100 years old. LOVE IT :)

Lately i've been watching a lot of old movie, it all started with little woman. Jo March inspires me. i loved Laurie... until he went for the little sister. when he purposes to Jo i almost cried, but then he turned into a crazy person and broke my heart. But Jo took it so well.

Next i had a Audrey Hepburn marathon that consisted of two movies (not so much a marathon, EXCEPT they are the longest movies in the world, old movies are so long especially old james bond movies!) anyways the two i watched were breakfast at tiffanys and funny face. they were both so good. she is beautiful!

She looks so innocent but glamorous all at once.

Ever since i was young people said i looked like twiggy (i used to have really short hair) so i've always loved her. before she was a judge on americas next top model and everything.

 Twiggy was so different for her time. Actually she still is pretty out there.
Short hair, extremely fair, dark eye bottom lashes.

i really dont think i have to explain Marylin. She is just the coolest.

i dont know who this last one is. but she is so pretty.
 i'm sorry i say love so much on here, but it really is just all about things i love. i have more, but i think this is enough for now. hopefully i will get around to posting more tomorrow.

On a personal note, good night mom, shay, kaths, and maybe kat... whom i suspect will be reading this tomorrow. miss you.


  1. Wow so many beautiful things, love to look at your posts. But when may I ask does an intern have time to shop? Love your bestest Mom

  2. i love your new makeup. especialy the lips. a very fresh and fun look.