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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas is over... time fore a new wish list

to whom it may concern,

the desires of my heart are unending.... i will list just a few :)

 i am having trouble deciding which color i like more. 
probably grey, so i could wear them with tights. 
and also leg warmers, dont judge me. im unique.

 the sparkles are radical,
but you could wear the cream with anything.
 i love christian louboutin. he makes the most beautiful shoes. 
they are always classy looking, but edgy also. the man has a gift.
 these are on my practical i want them now list. 
the only thing is they're really heavy.

i saw this picture and just fell in love with it.
the glasses the bow the fur. 
relaxed elegance

i didnt want you all to be overwhelmed by my long list of things, so we just touched on shoes... okay just christian louboutin shoes +  one pair of  sam edelman :)

OH NO! i almost forgot. the final thing on my wish list is...

YES, johnny depp is on my wish list. there is just something about the pirate look. tattoos and long hair are so cool. LOVE IT! also a reason i love heath ledger. and also this mystery man on the cover of men's fitness.

i really like the rocker style too, sadly i couldnt find any good pictures of that. 
but trust me when i do they will be up.

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  1. thats Jax Teller from the tv show "Sons of Anarchy" hes so hot!